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Finders Keepers is a game where you get to explore a world full of life! Meet interesting characters and discover rare loot using all kinds of tools available in-game! Then, take all of your findings back to your house to upgrade your stuff, or use to decorate with! If you can find it - you can keep it!

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Sell Anywhere Game Pass

Sell Anywhere - Game Pass v1.2

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Current Updates:

  • Tons of cool new paintbrushes!
  • Paint your house and furniture many different colors!
  • Loads of cool new furniture!
  • New trinkets to help with movement, gathering, and more!
  • Lots of new NPCs to befriend, help out, and chat with!
  • Tons of bugfixes, and general quality of life improvements!
  • And much, much more for you to discover! Have fun!

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